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With our input we help our WOMEN in U.S.A. to solve Abortion Issue 

  NIC would like to help with every thing it can help with 

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NICRS registers Head of State's Achievements in the annals of history

The Politics of the field of Political Art to look at what it does—not what it shows to Citizens

​Art is not outside Politics, but Politics exist in within its Art representation.

Painting a visual Issue can convince people with this Issue

Art can change People Opinion 
in  Seconds 

Political Art Oil Painting will be registered 
forever in History Records
Will stay as an Evidence for the Nominee's Political Accomplishments and Achievements 

stay as a Part of

United States of America  

History and Culture 

This Picture should be displayed Nationwide help women freedom and to increase public opinion and make a CHANGE 

Art is the Witness


Country's History

   This oil Painting shows  Millions of women from all political parties are suffering from the Democratic Government dissensions

That will reflects how democrats has no feeling towards U.  S. women     

Oil Painting will stay  in History forever Proving  


and Evidence for the Republicans

Please look at this picture, it shows how millions of women in the United States of America are suffering from Abortion ban

OUR GOAL:  helping Republican party to WIN all Elections and win Government Issue We
can help Republicans in all kinds of Elections for free

​​Some government decisions affecting our Citizens

NIC Services offer Total Free  Services to help our Citizens to solve government issues that affect them

Political Art creating 

new Votes

​NICRS painting is capable
​of influencing Elections and solving Government
and Country's Issues

One Pictures/ Paintings will increase Public Opinion and will also put  more pressure to solve this Issue

Art is here to show the issue and make our Citizens see the reality and  get together

NIC Helps our Citizens  to fight for their rights 

solving government ISSEUES

President Biden put a ban on Abortion

Millions pregnant woman want to end pregnancy but the new Democratic law is stopping to end it

so new Democratic law telling her you must stay pregnant

WHY ? and now millions of women Suffering

Why millions of women is forced to continue pregnancy? 



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