United States of America  

 NICRS assists all Republican political candidates nationwide in any present and future

Our goal is to win most elections and have the majority

NIC has always painted and reflected FACTS as a picture to allow our citizens to see the reality in a matter of seconds

The situation in the country and the problems of the government
   will affect our citizens

NICRS always paints the real facts

Free Republican Services from NICRS will help every Republican candidate
in any public office

Our goal
Help the Republican Party -  Republican candidates in all nationwide elections and win the most government seats

YES NICRS can only help Republican candidates

  government issues  Paintings will show how   Our citizens how 

Republican Party and Republican  

 candidates always help citizens and help solve their problems with government.


FREE  Political


An independent company

 NICRS needs all available information for each candidate

NICRS can show voters
A painting for republicans and candidate's achievements including his personal photo on it
And with one look, voters can see what this candidate has done for citizens, 

Candidate's Achievement .

Painting is a proving Evidence

Republicans Candidates show the issues and solve it for our citizens. 

 T-shirts is a continuous advertisement for the Candidate and Voters will see it every day

NICRS will assist  GOP
Republican Candidates
 to raise money for republican Election campaign ​​


NICRS will allow GOP and Republican candidates to use its copyright Paintings to be printed (with the candidate personal picture)
on T-shirts, mugs, hats and others to increase
​candidate votes

printing these items are a continuous advertisement for our Republican candidates and Voters will see it

every day 

GOP and Republican Candidate fundraising will create more Votes 

 Presidential Election​​​2024 



How NICRS help Republicans 

National Investment Center Republican Services NICRS   will create 

a free special

Main Painting for the republican Nominees about Government issue

like BORDER SECURITY, Abortion, and other important Issues

 Political Party (GOP)  Achievements

Paintings will  show Citizens, how Republican party and Nominee always help Citizens and solve their problems.

Candidates intensive Advertisement  

NICRS will make Government issue painting like BORDER SECURITY and Abortion,... In the main picture
Citizens will see the truth,
in the Picture, will attract more people and Voters to see the truth and will affect their thinking and opinion  

 One main picture, will be a picture of Nominee and
Candidates/Nominee name, State
and political position he is applying for

Issue Example 
Border Security 

One of many Republican Achievement Painting

Stop Illegal Immigration 


Nominee/Candidates  Advertisement 

an Ad will be published 
with Link to NIC Candidates pages
and include
a painting with personal pictures for
Candidate and Goals, Achievements, personal information, and other Pictures,  GOP committee chairwoman McDaniel and others if endorsing this Candidate 

and display all GOP/ Republican Goals,

short videos in action about this Candidate , 

Voters will know more about this Candidate  

Names of high officials who supported this Candidate for this political office

​National Investment Center, We were inspired to do this kind of Painting for the sake of American People​ to

see the Reality