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Pride to America​ The President  of the Century 


Republican Policy

In the Painting former President Donald Trump shows the issue of illegal immigration and why he is against it
This Painting makes the issue visual and has a way of helping  Citizens to see the real issue 

America F I R S T   

​Painting Title: 
​Stop illegal immigration​​

​​National Investment Center,
Republican  Services

NIC had chosen one of the 45th President Trump's  Achievements

to paint


 For our Citizen to see this Issue

​​​​​​​​​​Brief Explanation of the Painting ​​​

The 45th President Donald J. Trump protected U.S.A. from illegal Immigration and any Terrorist activities against U.S.A.

 Illegal Immigration is attempting to destroy the Stability and the Economy of AMERICA and smuggling Drugs

but it will fail because of the

Real Perfect Protection

from the 45th President of United States
Donald J. Trump

He shows and proves strength and wisdom as the 45th president

Despite all other attempts to stop the Wall
President Donald J. Trump started the construction of the Wall

Under his presidency
Americans are happy and will NOT lose jobs again 

Americans are living in 
Security, Prosperity

Thanks to the 45th U.S. President Donald J. Trump and
​special Thanks to the Republican Party
​for their constant support to the President's Policy


 This Painting showing the President 
Donald J. Trump made the right decision for the sake of U.S. Citizens

That's why he decided to build the Wall ​​


Just thinking...Why did the 46th President of United States of  America
​Mr. Joseph R. Biden Jr.
the construction of the
Border Wall???

We are sure that President Biden will follow the 45th President Trump action sooner or later and agree to continue the Border Wall, 

 Former President Trump said " The Boarder Wall is the best for U.S.A. and our Citizens ,


​​​After taking a look at this Painting,
​are you convinced of the President's action and why did he decide to build the Border Wall?


​The Politics of the field of Political Art to look at what it does—not just what it shows to the Country

​Art is not outside Politics, but Politics exist in within its Art representation.