Free Republican Services

​​​​​​​Legal Entity 


NIC  is a U.S. business company registered in the Register of State Ohio. The company was established on 13th June 1996 

The seat of the company is at TOLEDO, OHIO

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Company Legal Certificate

NIC Royal Services

We service
​Political Parties- Election and Government Issues, 

Presidents, Royal customers and Prominent figures

Accomplishments and Achievements of Head of State

it deserves to be painted and

it will be recorded in history forever and stay
as a part of the country History and Culture for current and future Generations. it will stay as an Evidence in the History Records forever
in the Country and Worldwide

Political Art Oil Painting Proving  
Achievements and Evidence


People who make History

Political Art  made for Museums, Head of State and Prominent Figures,

and shows them with 
​Evidence in the Country and Worldwide

Art with Action

Anti -Terrorism Political Art (ATPA)
Political Art makes History and fights Terrorism

 through spreading Awareness and it can

change Public Opinions

Political Art of persuasion

Political Art thus not only reflects, but actively intervenes in the transition towards Citizens Relations with the Head of State. It is a major player in unevenly advancing Loyalty to the Presidents, Kings, Princes of the country

Political Art will stay for Centuries and cannot be manipulated 

Political Art Painting is a Visual Art that should be appreciated primarily or solely for their imaginative, intellectual and aesthetic content

"History in Colors"​​