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Since 1996

Countries Relation Political Art

In the Honor of the President of the United States of America

This Oil Painting is one of the first Oil Paintings for the President

The Artist Francois Maurice  has gathered in this Painting between the President and the US Flag 

 The First Painting of a US President does show that the back ground is the US Flag moving in a  strong windy day and shows even the high speed wind reflected on the flag flips, the President shows with his side look that he is seeking the loyalty of the countries who support him as a President and support the americans as a Nation

And shows the US President  standing stable with Pride as the 45th American President Taking his job very seriously with his small side look , it says that he is seeing every thing around him and nothing effecting him, solid and calm as a President and even on this windy day and with its world problems

Will not effect him at all

The world will be supporting him for his Policy and  he is expecting the countries loyalty 

The Artist named this unique Painting  SUPPORT my Policy 

The name shows the power and the strength of president Trump, every American should be proud to have him as a President and every country in the world should be proud to have him as 45th President to make the World save.
That is what made the Artist to create this Painting  .

The countries Relation political Art recommendation:  this unique Oil Painting of the President should be Placed

In all foreign Embassies and consulates in Washington,

in foreign countries having a good relation with USA and its President.

In meeting rooms where the head of country discussing various Political situations,  which make the delegation will be pleased to see CRPA Portraits.

In politicians houses  to show his support to President and his Politics and show also the strength between him and other countries Head of States 

Political Art Painting for the Government

Portrait Title:  "Support"  my Policy      Signed by Artist Francois Maurice 

​​Item No. 173 - 1623

Oil ON Canvas  

​ ​Dimension  60 cm X 80 cm