Pride to America


President of the

Century ​​

Stop illegal Immigration

President first 
Oil Painting to support his Policy

​​Countries Relation 
Political Art

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Since 1996

Portrait Name:  

"Stop illegal Immigration"

 ​​Item No. 173 - 1785

Oil ON Canvas  

​​Dimension  70cmX100cm​​

Artist: Francois Maurice

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Countries Relation Political Art

In the Honor of the President of the United States of America

This Oil Painting is one of the first Oil Paintings to support the President's Policy

The Artist Francois Maurice inspired this Painting from the President's action to save the country from illegal Immigration

 The President shows with his  face expressions that he is seeking the loyalty of all citizens who love America and support him for his new Policy against  illegal Immigration

And shows that the US President is stable with Pride as the 45th American President Taking his job very seriously and with his serious look and his hand up and telling all Americans enough is enough for illegal Immigration, and nothing effecting the President to change his mind, he is making the best decision for the sake of America ,

he is stable and calm as a President and nothing will effect him 

The Artist named this unique Painting  "Stop illegal Immigration" ​​ to America

The name shows the power and the strength of President Trump, every American should be proud to have him as a  President and every country in the world should be proud to have him as 45th President to make the World save

and that is what inspired the Artist to create this Painting  .
The Countries Relation Political Art Recommendation:  this unique President's Oil  Painting  should be Placed

everywhere in the USA to convince more Americans that our President is doing the right decision ,

All foreign countries like how the President protects his country

Political Art Painting for Government