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Painting​ brief Explanation 

Painting​ Title

invaluable  unique Oil Painting for Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II 

In recognition of continuous Work efforts and influence of mothers in Society

This Painting honoring 

Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II  as MOTHER OF ALL  and all what she always did to help all the mothers, fathers and the nation in the

United Kingdom


Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II 

Mother Queen

Oil Painting will stay  in History forever


Achievements and Evidence 


Accomplishments and Achievements


Painting Title

Mother of ALL

National Investment Center
Royal Services

Accomplishments and Achievements of 
Presidents, Kings and Princes 

Painting Tittle: Mother of ALL      
Artist:  Francois Maurice

Item No. 044 - 3157

Dimension  39.5 inch X 27.5 inch         100 cm X 70 cm​​
​Oil Painting  on Canvas