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Accomplishments and Achievements of 
Presidents, Kings and Princes 

The Mother Queen

Painting brief explanation 

HH King Salman and HH the Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman 

protecting the Kingdom
​ of Saudi Arabia from the  Country Iran.

Iran is attempting to destroy the Stability and the Economy  of Saudi Arabia and killing Saudis and try to bomb Kingdom
​ of Saudi Arabia but it fails

because of the

Real Perfect Wisdom and Protection

from HH King Salman and HH the Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman 

In spite of all Iran Attempts

Saudis are now living in 
Security, Prosperity

​as well as the impressive economic progress of the kingdom under their Care

The Painting also records the meanings of fighting Terrorism, which will also affect domestic and international public opinion, the measures taken by the Kingdom to fight Terrorism and the Role if Iran

Qatar will be stronger with golf countries  and will do what is necessary to  go back to the  brothers the Arab golf Countries

and Qatar did  go beck and now Qatar is back to  golf Countries

Thanks to HH King Salman and HH the Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman and the other who help him

HH King Salman and HH the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's Achievements will be displayed in Museums and registered in the history and culture of the Kingdom for ever and will remains for present and future Saudis Generation to see their Accomplishments in this Painting and THEIR  Achievements will be immortalized

Thanks to the Saudi Royal Family and special thanks to HH King Salman and HH the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for Protecting the Kingdom of
​Saudi Arabia

​​Anti Terrorism

Political Painting

Will influence Public Opinion

in the fight against global Terrorism and write the

actions taken by the

Saudi Arabia 

to combat Terrorism and help Yemenis 

This will be registered

forever in History Records

Painting For  Museums 


FROM Achievements of
​HH King Salman and  HH Crown Prince 
Mohammad bin Salman Collections

Painting Tittle: Protecting Saudi Arabia       
Signed by
 Artist François Maurice

Item No. 213-0007

Dimension :  100 cm X 70 cm​​
​Political Art Oil Painting  on Canvas

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The Kingdom


Saudi Arabia​​

Accomplishments and Achievements of HH King and HH Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

​Deserve to be Painted
to stay in Saudi Arabia's

History and Culture forever

​From collections

Painting Titles

1.Protecting the Kingdom
​ of Saudi Arabia

2.  Justice prevails in the Kingdom
​ of Saudi Arabia   
HH Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman proving there is always 

Justice in Saudi Arabia 


The Vision of 2030 
HH  Crown Prince Mohammad

bin Salman's Plan

2030​ Vision​​

Anti Terrorism Paintings



Iran's Pride in killing Civilians

5. Soon 

Saudi Arabia's Role in
moderating conflict

Painting Title


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 
​continue helping Yemenis with Food and Medicine 
in spite of

6. Women in the ​Saudi Society   Collection 

Saudi Women's Accomplishments and Achievements

7. United Arab Countries Collection 

Painting Title
 " United against Terrorism" 

History will record and demonstrate the actions taken by the
United Arab countries with U.S.A.  against Terrorism

Stand up to fight  Terrorism

Several U.S. News channels have displayed PR for

Saudi Arabia

 U.S. News channels feeling  more committed to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and and like this Art

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