Countries Relation

Political Art 

Painting the Accomplishments and Achievements of 
Presidents, Kings and Princes 

"Deserve to

be Painted"​

​​Anti Terrorism

Political Art
Devoted to Fight Terror Countries and Countries who support Terrorism

Anti Terrorism Political Art is Created to change  Public Opinions, Prove and Convince People who are Terror Countries and Countries who support Terrorism

Political Art  Painting will write the History without Manipulation and prove the Head of State Achievements

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Portrait Tittle :  

"Stop illegal Immigration"

​Portrait Tittle:

"Strong for Peace " ​​

The Mother Queen

Art can change People Opinion 
in  Seconds 

We encourage  you to fight against Terror Countries and it’s supporters 
Do not help them and

help Terrorism
By Doing Nothing

Portrait Tittle: 
"Protecting Qatar" ​​

We  can fight Terrorism only with

People Awareness

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Since 1996

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President in ACTION


 Political  Art Painting

Qatar  Collection 

Invaluable Political Art Oil Paintings 
remain in history forever​​


The invaluable Paintings

Qatar Songs

Accomplishments and Achievements

of  Presidents, Kings and Princes 

Deserve to be Painted  

Please Note : Paintings are the property of NICRS and it is not permitted to be copied , Violators will be punished by local and/or

International Law

Fight against Terror Countries

and Countries  supporting Terrorism and it's Presidents 

Anti Terrorism Political Art 

is fighting back 

to let the World know about them

​Portrait Tittle: 
"Support" ​​

​Portrait Tittle: 
"HH Prince Tamim bin Hamad " ​​

Portrait HH Tamim bin Hamad

Best Smile

Countries Relation 
Political Art

Accomplishments and Achievements