intellectual property

Please note that the paintings are the property of NICRS and
can not be
to print, repaint

Painting a visual Issue can convince people with this Issue

NICRS Pictures/Paintings is capable
​of influencing Elections and solving Government
and Country's Issues. 

What free Republican Services  will make for republican Nominees

what kind of advertisements

for their Election 

Republican Services will create a free special Main Painting for the Nominee and Political Party (GOP)  Achievements and/or Government issue painting

GOP Political Party Achievements

this will show how Republican party and Nominee always help Citizens and solve their problems

In the main picture will be a picture of Nominee

Nominee name, State

and political position he is applying for

Citizens will see the truth

​This to attract people to see it  and will affect their thinking and opinion  when seeing the truth 

Issue Example 

Border Security 

One of many Republican Achievement Painting


Stop Illegal Immigration 


an  Ad will published in the  News 

with a link to Nominees NIC page

​this page will include

Ad Nominees  main Picture with sub pictures

Nominee Goals, Achievements, personal information, Pictures,  GOP committee chairwoman 
MC Daniel Picture on the right side GOP goals, personal information, short Videos in action, 


Voters will go to this site to learn more about this Nominee 

Note other Republican Nominees will be on NIC site so more voter will visit this website

Names of high officials who supported this Nominee for this political office

Who will donate to supported  Nominee for advertisements costs



Some Government decisions affecting our Citizens

NIC offer free  Services 

Our Services will help our republican Political Party and Citizens to solve Government Issues and help our next Presidend  


You can reach

​170 Million+​ 

Voters Nationwide 

depends on your 

Advertisements Size

Note: Voters get attracted ... with one look at the picture they Understand the ISSUE

then know for  whom they will vote for 

A new way to convince Voters


Republican Party


We support

(Nominee Name) 


Protecting Our Seniors

Why should you Vote for Nominee


​Republicans Nominees

FREE Political Election Services "Nominees"


SUPPORT ​Nominees


Art is the Witness


Country's History

National Investment Center, We were inspired to do this kind of Painting for the sake of American People


see the Reality

We support

(Nominee Name) 



 Stop illegal Immigration 

Why should you Vote for Nominee

We support

(Nominee Name) 



 Why should you Vote

for Nominee

Political Art Oil Painting will stay  in U.S. History Records
​forever Proving  


and Evidence 

This Picture will be in the News and Websites

National Investment Center Prepare candidates to be the next, president, senators, House representative, and any political

Public positions nationwide

​​​Why Voters should vote for this Republican 


NIC Republican Services special made Pictures will convince Voters and 

make Voter remember

this Nominee, will encourage

voting for the Political

Nominee in this political Party/

note GOP and Nominees Pictures will stay in history forever 

 NIC may help Political Party and Nominees 


NIC special picture is changing public opinions 

NOTE: A Link will be
placed in digital Ads

and Voter Sites 

Why vote

for this Nominee

National Investment Center, Republican Services Republican Services action will increase our Republican Nominee Votes and reduce his opponent by showing the reality

Republican Services will help every republican Nominee /Candidate 

for any Public office 


New Candidates

Contact us

Old way to promote Nominees with street Signs

People on the road passing the signs and cannot see clearly the signs because it is behind each other and can not read it, even if voter see it they have less than a second to read it 

Most of the Voters just vote for the a familiar name,  or do not vote at all


Helping GOP Republican Party/ Nominees to WIN all Elections and win Government Issues

NICRS registers Political Party and Head of State's Achievements in the annals of history

National Investment Center, 
​a U.S. Company and the only company support Republican Election

free and Solving Government Issues


 The first Paintings in history to support Election 

We were inspired to do this kind of Painting for the sake of American People


see the Reality


National Investment Center

 NIC Political Pictures/Paintings  will remain immortal testament 

and Evidence

It will be recorded in history forever, and stay
as a part of United States History and Culture for current and future Generations. 


​National Investment Center, 
​a U.S. Company 
specialized in  Painting Political Achievements of prominent figures around the World

 United States of America  

NIC Pictures

 will convince 

Citizens with the issue and Increase Public Opinion 

it supports the Republican Party and it's Policy

It reduces other parties capabilities